Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Save $100 a day! Let's get started!

Are you ready to save (or make) $100 a day? That's the plain, simple, unadulterated goal of this blog. Just think: $100 a day is around $3000 a month, or $36,500 a year! Wow, that's a lot of money!!!

I know many of you are already ready to abandon ship, thinking "if it's too good to be true..." or "just another get-rich-quick-scheme," but STOP! Let's do the math: the basic 2 rules for each day's SMID (Save/Make Idea of the Day) is that it must be implementable in one day and yet save $100 over the course of 1 year. So when we break it down that way, each SMID needs to save us only 27.3 cents per day. Whew, doesn't that sound more doable? But if we implement 1 idea each day, and do it for 1 year, we will still save that $36,500! I am confident that together we can find so many more than 365 ways to save $100.

Before we get started, let's review the rules:

1. Each SMID must save $100 over the course of 365 days from when it is implemented. Better yet, as many SMIDs as possible will save that $100 within 365 days from today, the blog's inception. That way we will actually realize as much as possible of our whole $36,500 by 7/11/09!

2. Each SMID must be implementable (basically) in 1 day. Some upkeep over the course of the year is OK, but if a potential SMID takes me an hour every day for the next year then it is not going to past the test -- if nothing else, since I don't know anyone who can find or make 365 hours in a day!

3. Each idea must be usable by a wide range of people. I won't say "everyone" because I cannot think of a single idea that I could guarantee would work for every one on the planet. But we want the ideas to work for as many people as possible.

4. We will use the word "save" most of the time, although making that $100 instead of saving it is OK too. But it would get really old to read "save/make" on every line! Maybe we should coin a new word; can you say "S'make?"

5. The $100 must be net, meaning if we spend $10 to implement the SMID, we must save $110 over the year to have a net savings of $100. So many times I see ways to "save" that require me to spend so much up front that it would take me years to recoup the initial investment, much less actually save $. That won't cut it here!

The rules are somewhat subjective, I know, and they are going to evolve just as this site and its participants do, so we're not going to play "rule-police."

There you have it: a few simple rules and we're on our way to saving $36,500! Here's where you come in: post your comments with ideas for SMIDs that we can implement quickly and see results quickly too! Believe me, I have 1000+ potential SMIDs on my list, but we want some really big bang-for-the-buck (or should we say for the time?) SMIDs to start off with and we all know two heads are better than one. Post away!

(Blogger's note: See, I told you the rules would evolve. I've already added #5.)

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