Friday, July 11, 2008

Daily to-do list

If you want to save $36,5000 yourself and not just read along as we work at it, you will like this feature: the daily to-do list!

Day 1's to-do list:
Make a written budget for July.

Well, that's kind of obvious! But remember, we're only on Day 1. As we progress day-by-day, some day's SMID's are going to be do-it-once-and-forget-it, but many are going to require a little maintenance. Day 1's SMID, Make a written budget, per the rules, was implemented in 1 day... for month 1, that is. And while this first monthly budget has definitely laid the groundwork for the subsequent months, we will still need to re-visit the budget each month. So toward the end of July, say July 26th (5 days before the end of the month is good, right?), you will see a daily to-do list that both reminds you to do July 26th's SMID and also to make your written budget for August.

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